Thursday, April 24, 2014

The 4th Watch Radio Show with Justen Faull - 04.24.2014

The Faull Bros. Report I : with special guest Wes Faull

In this episode Justen and Wes discuss some breaking news from the new pyramid discovery to the advancement of the biometric surveillance society; that’s utilizing your cell phones, tablets and webcams.  Also, coverage of the latest human cloning and demonic alien technology, that’s turned into a new religion that can include all religions, is unveiled.  You won't want to miss this broadcast!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The 4th Watch Radio Show with Justen Faull - 04.17.2014

Near Death Experiences, Trips to Heaven, 

Automatic Painting & Automatic Writing

In this episode Justen discusses the dark side of the “Heaven is for Real” book and movie, and discusses the major reasons why this is not a godly experience.  He also gets into popular demonic phenomenon known as Automatic Painting and Automatic Writing, which have both crept into the church and Christian world.  Many will be shocked to learn that they have a piece of this demonic literature in their own homes.  You won’t want to miss this week’s broadcast!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The 4th Watch Radio Show with Justen Faull - 04.10.2014

The Real Easter

with special guest Doc Marquis

In this episode Justen talks with Doc Marquis about the history of Easter and the pagan rituals that are still being practiced today, thousands of years later, even in the church.  Many important facts are presented in this episode, as well as biblical correlation.  Prepare to be shocked and educated all in the same breath. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The 4th Watch Radio Show with Justen Faull - 04.03.2014

The Illuminati War On Christianity :

An Emergency Broadcast - part 2

 photo The-Illuminati.png
In this episode Justen takes you into the sinister War On Christianity, waged by the Illuminati.  Justen is joined in the studio with special guest Wes Faull this week.  This is one broadcast you won't want to miss.  Up to date and informative facts drive this weeks show, with imperative information for the true followers of Christ in these days.  Be sure and share this broadcast with friends, families and pastors.