Thursday, May 11, 2017

The 4th Watch Radio Show with Justen Faull - 05.11.2017

Time Warp

with Phil Baker, Justen Faull & B.D.K.

In this episode Phil, Justen, and BDK travel back to through Church history to investigate how the earliest followers of Christ viewed His teachings. If the very early Church stood mostly united in the way they understood and applied these teachings, then why are there there so many denominations today? Have the teachings of Christ been warped over time? What did the early Church teach about grace, the law of Moses, and the law of Christ? How did they view wealth? Did their view on Heaven, Hell, and the afterlife match ours today? What happened when the first Church gathered for worship? How would our services compare with theirs? We compare and contrast the early Church with the mainstream modern Church from a Biblical perspective. Join us tonight as we investigate these questions and much more! This is one broadcast you won't want to miss!
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