Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The 4th Watch Radio Show with Justen Faull - 07.14.2016

ATLANTIS: The Watchers, Nephilim & The Antediluvian Revival

with Gary Wayne

In this episode Justen and Gary discuss Atlantis and the connections to the End-Times World System of the Antichrist. The adventure includes History of the Antediluvian Cult Nation and Modern Archeological Discoveries, Ancient Writings and Popular Beliefs, Water Dwelling Nephilim and Underwater Colonies & Bases, The 10 Kings of Atlantis and The 10 Kings of Daniel & Revelation, Birthing Tanks and Avatar Technology, as well as Biblical Encouragement on Our Identity in Christ, Amidst a Culture of Identity Crisis. Join us tonight for these and much more! This is one broadcast you won't want to miss!